Photo Challenges


I have recently attended a Photography Evaluation course, where the ultimate purpose of the course was to create the best possible picture “as shot” ; no tweaks, no cropping or Photoshop corrections. Put another way, try to complete the picture before you press the shutter. Simple in concept, harder in execution.


We had 10 weeks of assignments where we were to bring in a picture or two and have the group help you grow as a photographer. There was a definite progression of skills improvement through the course period and now that the sessions have completed, I find myself wanting more.


Looking forward, i hope that this Evaluation project can continue in a slightly different format.  The purpose of the Challenges section is to have a members only forum where people can respond to the different challenges by uploading an image and exchange constructive criticism on how the image could have been improved “in camera”.


if you are interested in participating, please send an email to me via the address on the contact menu.