Challenge Schedule


I am putting some ideas out there for discussion for future months.  Here are a few suggestions for future “assignments”.

Submitted Photos should be composed in camera.  Generally, editing is less desired but from time to time, we can allow the following enhancements:  Levels Adjustment, Cropping.


Month Theme or Challenge Submission Date
September 2016 Shoot a “moody” black and white photo.  The photo can be of any object or person that you wish.  Try to include a timeless element – was this shot in 1916 or 2016, although the content can include things that existed only in the past year.  Use the Picture Styles feature in your camera to shoot this. 9/18/2016
October 2016 Bounty. Your interpretation of bounty 10/21/2016
November 2016 Lets try to capture movement or motion.  Examples of images demonstrating motion or motion blur –  11/25/2016
 December 2016  There was a suggestion from one of our group that we should al shoot the same thing to enjoy our different perspectives.  Lets try shooting a pineapple !  12/27/2016
January 2017 We will be in the beginning stags of winter and with the snowfall, i will set the next couple of challenges to that of the indoor variety (if you so choose).    For January, lets try to shoot a window, either facing outdoors, or from the outdoors looking in.    Examples — 1/29/2017
February 2017
March 2017
April 2017
June 2017  Free month – fall in love with your camera and creativity.  Try and upload a picture each week